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Everyday Sens (Instagram) was created on July 1st, 2017. For five years, I’ve dedicated the majority of my time towards building it and providing a reliable outlet for Senators fans. Covering the team has become my passion. Unfortunately, this isn’t sustainable long-term. As my life moves into it’s next phase, voluntarily spending this much of my time isn’t feasible. Your subscription not only grants additional content, but it allows me to continue providing quality Senators content for you. Your support will sustain Everyday Sens, and assist it/me in finding professional success moving forward.

Advertisements are unreliable and annoying. The goal of this website is to build Everyday Sens into a leader in the Senators media industry by releasing good, quality work. The hope is that enough people decide to join me on this journey and support the dream of building something sustainable, here. I aspire to make every cent of your money worth it. The free content wouldn’t be possible without your support!

New content is aimed to be released regularly. The goal is quality over quantity, but you’ll never see lengthy periods without content. Additionally, my socials are always active!

Everyday Sens started as an Instagram page covering the Ottawa Senators in 2017. As a diehard fan of the team, this seemed like a fantastic hobby. It’s become so much more. Everyday Sens has become one of the largest Ottawa Senators platforms to date, and will continue to thrive off of the support that it’s receiving! Working in the sports industry has always been my dream, but it never felt like a legitimate possibility until the idea of this website came to light.

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